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DONE Sending...

Kevin Williams | Reply 28.10.2013 21.44

Hang tough baby! Sending much love from your family at Studio 2000!
Kevin, Linda & Mel

Pat Orlich | Reply 24.10.2013 22.40

Sally, thinking of you and praying for you. You are such an incredible woman! Thank you for letting me get to know you better. Lots of love to you and your fami

Mike Hannigan | Reply 20.10.2013 11.38

Sally, just heard about your cancer and I send my thoughts and prayers to you.
Your attitude will prevail and I look forward to your return.

Bob Jamison | Reply 14.10.2013 19.22

I just heard the news today. In a rush (as always) but you have my thoughts and best wishes.

Troy Bruinsma | Reply 18.09.2013 18.25

Sally - Jim directed when I brought my car in for service & asked about you. All I can say is "Kick Cancer's Ass!" like I know you will. Positive Prayers 4 U!!

Dave Raber | Reply 03.09.2013 16.14

Hey Sally! I brought my car in for service and I asked about you. Jim pulled me aside and told me what is going on with you. Please know that I will be praying! Hurry up and get better because they don't know what they are doing there without you to keep

Jack Frank | Reply 13.08.2013 13.51

Hi Sally, I've been thinking of you a lot lately, hoping you're doing well. We all need you to get well soon; my Infinity and I both miss seeing you 😢

carly | Reply 24.07.2013 18.14

I love you mama! Give me a call when you can, OK? Big and long overdue changes on the home front! It's just me and the girls now, finally! Not without drama...

Beth Eiler | Reply 24.07.2013 12.48

I dropped off my car for an oil change this morning & heard the news. What a shock! Sounds like you're meeting this challenge head on - not surprising!!

Donna Nocco | Reply 20.06.2013 15.18

Lovely Sally.... your strength and determination shines through this blog- as well as the incredible support "team" who have surrounded you with their love!!!

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26.12 | 12:43

We adore you too Sally! So grateful you've been able to share in our reconnection with the girls. We are truly blessed.

18.12 | 12:46

How I would love to be able to gather your Dad and all our descendants so all of them could know how we loved them all.

27.06 | 14:42

Let the tears flow, but keep your heart happy and your eye on the ball. We all love you very much.

09.06 | 20:09

Love you girl! It was the most awesome weekend....may the healing continue

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